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Company Registration in Mauritius


Before registering a company in Mauritius, it is essential to choose the right type of company structure based on your planned business activities. The Companies Act 2001 provides for a plethora of company structures such as a local domestic company, a company holding a Category I Global Business License (GBC1) and a company holding a Category II Global Business License (GBC2). The tax rate on the chargeable corporate tax of local domestic companies is 15% while GBC1 companies are subject to a flat rate of 3% and GBC2 companies are tax exempt.

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If you are considering the prospect of registering a new business in Mauritius, there are numerous factors to consider and decisions to make, prior to establishment. We can assist you in identifying the appropriate company structure and establishing your company according to the statutory and legal requirements prevailing in Mauritius.

It is axiom that Mauritius is a low-tax jurisdiction, but when choosing a company structure, we should not only focus on the impressive tax rate. There are many other salient points to consider such as selecting the right directors and shareholders, the right location to conduct business activities, the exact object of the company to name a few. Moreover, it is very essential to note that: for a company to be fully operational under the law, it should obtain a trade license, open a corporate bank account in Mauritius and get a tax certificate following its establishment.

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With a client-centric approach, KSN Associates is here to understand your business and to ensure that you have the right tools to get your company running. We assist our clients through all the stages to ensure successful outcomes.