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Company Reorganization


The key to the smooth running of a company is a well-organized management. Having an incredible business idea and setting up a company is one thing and managing the employees or the day to day running of a business is another thing. Very often companies have great ideas and a professional workforce, but lack a proper company structure to allow them to succeed or a company has a great product and well-structured management but have cultural miscommunications with their employees.

We use our best endeavour to assist our clients in establishing the most important organizational factors, which include leadership, performance, effective management, reorganization of its structure and provide advice on personnal policy or resources planning.

Extra Information

We strongly believe that the abovementioned factors are powerful drivers of a strong and sustained business performance.

At KSN Associates, we do not simply act on your data and expectations, but take into cognizance the requirements under various relevant laws, guidelines, regulations and objectives of clients. Furthermore,depending on the size of your company, a member of our team normally works with your company for a defined period of time, analyses the actual situation before we recommend any changes or adjustments.

Case Study

Nickelnet Services Ltd, entrusted the reorganization of their company structure to KSN Associates. Our main tasks were to redefine their permanent and part-time employment contracts, set up the company policy handbook, revise their liabilites clauses and conduct a due diligence on their overall performance. Our legal adviser Ms. Keseena Chengadu was in charge of this project and had worked at Nickelnet premises for over two weeks before finalizing her report.