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Health and Safety Law in Mauritius


In the budget 2015-2016, the Government has reinforced the health and safety inspections in Mauritius. More health and safety officers as well as inspectors have been recruited to ensure that companies implement health and safety measures in their workplace as per the provisions of the Occupational, Satefy and Health Act.

We advise and update our clients regularly in all aspects of workplace safety, to consolidate the prevention of accidents and work-related illnesses, and encourage them to abide by all legal provisions and regulations. We, equally, assist companies in developing and strengthening policies that will complement the local safety health legislations.

Extra Information

As mentioned in last year's budget, health and safety have become the lynchpin in our legislation. The Government of Mauritius recognises that workers are its most valuable asset and that health and safety is one of their fundamental rights. It further claims that employers are responsible for the safety and health at work of his employees. Our team helps clients to evaluate the regulatory, liability and workplace safety and health issues that may affect business transactions as well as assist them to prepare onsite and offsite emergency planning and preparedness in major hazardous installation.