Non-Disclosure Agreements can be powerful, but only if you know how to use them.

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Non-disclosure Agreements / NDAs


The benefit of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is to protect proprietary, confidential information and competitive advantage by restricting employees, programmers, and any other stakeholders from sharing specific information about the company and its softwares.

NDA primarily defines confidential information as "any sensitive information, which may cover financial data, profits, ownership of company’s materials, technical information and client’s personal information".

NDA is an important part of any business legal toolkit. An NDA stands as a legal protection for information shared between disclosing and receiving parties and any breach to this agreement by the parties, may lead to legal consequences by any court of competent jurisdiction. As a general rule, it is a wise decision to sign an NDA before confidential information is disclosed. That said, an appropriately drafted NDA may protect information that was disclosed before execution.

It is worth noting that Non-Disclosure Agreemments can vary significantly. We advise our clients based on their intentions behind signing such an agreement. For example, will the information disclosed by both parties be kept confidential or by just one party? There are one-way agreements and two-way agreements, as well as countless variations.