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Software End-user License Agreements / EULAs


It doesn’t matter what industry a company is in—it needs to have an app that customers and potential customers can download to their smartphones.

There is a list of key issues to address before adopting a EULA for a mobile app. A EULA is an important part of any company’s strategy to mitigate risks and protect its intellectual property in connection with its app. Hardly any company would release desktop software without a EULA. app.

While Apple, Google and Amazon each provide a “default” EULA to govern Software downloaded from their respective app stores, they also permit developers to adopt their own custom EULAs instead—subject to a few caveats. Because the default EULAs can be quite limited, and can’t possibly address the unique issues that any particular app is likely to raise, a company should ideally adopt its own EULA to best protect its interests in its apps or any other Software. EULA must address all unique issues of business, technology and pricing.

We are here to accompany you with a tailor-made EULA to get your app moving in a secure manner and protecting you, your company, your app, your rights, and your intellectual property rights. The best EULA is a binding EULA. The EULA is ultimately a legal document and any app developer would want to make sure that any simplified EULA still provides adequate protection to the software or app.