We help you mitigate risks and protect your intellectual property in connection with your app

Software Terms and Conditions


Your Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs") will be an important part of your strategy to help mitigate risks and protect your intellectual property in connection with your app/website.

While platforms such as Apple, Google and Amazon each provide a “default” Terms and conditions to govern mobile apps downloaded from their respective app stores, they also permit developers to adopt their own customized T&Cs instead—subject to a few caveats. Because the default Terms and Conditions can be quite limited and can’t possibly address all of the issues that your particular app is likely to raise, it’s generally best to adopt your own Terms and conditions in order to protect your interests.

We create legal T&Cs for a variety of Apps and Websites, but we have particular expertise in App and/or website designed for health care, Point of sales, food and beverage, publishing, technology and ecommerce. Terms and conditions can be one of a business’s most valuable assets. We understand how intellectual assets support strategic goals and we tailor our protection strategies while drafting your agreement, so that they achieve your business objectives and optimize your software's protection.

We ensure that your Terms and Conditions establish the ownerships rights, the applicable contents and features of your software.

Extra Information

Our advisers work to provide counselling and protection for your Software as well as guiding you where to place your T&Cs on your website and app. As a technical matter, your T&Cs can reside in one of two places: It can be “hard-coded” into the app/website itself, so that the T&Cs is downloaded together with the app/website, or it can reside on a separate Web server maintained by the developer. We advise you on which approach works best for your specific software and its associated risk issues.