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US Encryption Export Registration


Encryption registration is required for any apps, software that contain encryption data. Encryption registration is a prescribed set of information about a manufacturer and/or exporter of certain encryption items that must be submitted to the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) as a condition of the authorization to export such items under License Exception ENC or as “mass market” items. Registration of a manufacturer authorizes the manufacturer as well as other parties to export and re export the manufacturer’s encryption products that the manufacturer has either self-classified or has had the items classified by BIS.

Extra Information

A condition of the authorization is that the manufacturer must submit an annual self-classification report for relevant encryption items. The manufacturer must obtain an Encryption Registration Number (ERN) to be able to publish their apps on Apple AppStore and Google Play and in the case of releasing software internationally for US based software companies. We can help you to obtain such ERN.

Extra Information

We advise on the US encryption export license, taking into consideration the legal requirements, including those that might emanate from the US authorities. We help clients in obtaining licenses or identifying general authorizations and license exceptions that can save time, expense and management resources.