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Corporate Legal Advice

We advise our clients which directions are best suited for their business needs and current financial budget or intended turnover.

Accounting Services

Delivered by chartered and certified accountants, we also cater for companies’ accounting and fiscal matters.

Corporate Secretarial services

From corporate governance to compliance, we ensure that your business is compliant with financial and legal regulations.

Web and Graphic Development

Proven experts in Advertising, Graphics and Web design and development, SEO and online marketing.

Merger & Acquisitions

Our team of professionals are fully conversed in international merger & acquisition protocols and we assist our clients throughout the process.

Cross Border Transactions

We advise and assist on the legal framework that governs cross-border transactional corporate operations.

Digital Marketing

We help you elevated your brand by optimising your digital presence by devising the right strategy and communication campaigns.

Financial Forecast Projections

Your financial projection is your business plan in numbers. We help you to leverage your historical financial data to accurately project business growth and predict potential expenses.

Our Mission

KSN Associates strive for the best possible outcome for clients. Our mission statement is to be a trusted legal and business advisor to our clients in our areas of practice.

We believe in,

Our Associates

With a qualified team of associates, KSN Associates become unique partners for your business, in need of professional and reliable consultancy. Our responsibilities extend towards our clients, our profession, our team and our community.

Ethics, integrity and passion are not only our driving motto but are in fact our valued commitments. We are here for our clients; we have an understanding of the inner working of their businesses, their motivations to operate and we are pleased to offer them a personalized attention which is unparalleled.

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  • Asset Management
  • Holding Company
  • Investment Funds
  • Trusts
  • Work & Residency Permits
  • Legal Services across all 54 African Jurisdiction
  • On Demand Legal Services
  • Transactional, Advisory & Compliance matters
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Auditing
  • Accounting and Back Office services
  • Business Advisory and Consultancy
  • Financial Projections
  • Statutory Filings
  • Visual Communication Solutions
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design & Advertising
  • Digital Design (UI / UX)
  • Website & App Development (CMS & Custom)
  • Business Development
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • User Interface & Experience
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What do we propose as an Intermediator?

How we can help

Financial Data

As an intermediate, KSN Associates’ responsibility is to oversee and regularly assess a company’s financial status. By understanding the company’s profitability and identifying problem areas, our team will create budgets, either for the company at large or for the departments under their care. This process keeps the company on track and allows the manager to either cut spending, if necessary, or develop ideas for expansion.

Oversee Regulations
and Policies

While maintaining efficient operations, KSN Associates will also ensure that the company is operating within legal guidelines and in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Depending on the company, this could include updating background checks on personnel, adhering to non-discriminatory hiring practices or maintaining safety standards.

Accounting &
Tax Services

KSN Associates, through the intermediary of its partners of chartered and certified accountants with several years of experience in the domain, also caters for companies’ accounting and fiscal matters. The team can provide all the required services, starting from bookkeeping, annual account provisions to complex accounting and reporting.

Corporate Website
creation and marketing

With the help of an experienced and talented team of graphic designers and Web developers, KSN Associates can be in charge of the marketing of the company. We can produce corporate websites, with latest features and constant monitoring of these. We can also create and control Social Media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,…) to help in the promotion and marketing of the company, among other marketing strategies.

How can KSN Associates assist you?

In this world, facing drastic changes, we are all striving to achieve our desired goals and objectives – reach higher grounds. Yet, innovation, transformation and leadership don’t just happen; to implement those promising elements, you need a trusted partner, an entity you can rely on to assist you and manage the complexities of the constantly

changing business world. KSN Associates’ services are designed and personalized to cater for each client’s specifications; we provide guidance and offer solutions to fields extending but not limited to accounting, general administration, maintenance recruitment, secretarial services, among others.

Company Registration

Setting up a business in Mauritius can be a quick process taking an average of 3 days, provided that all the required factors and documents are made available. With a client-centric approach, KSN Associates is here to understand each client’s needs

and to ensure that they have the right tools to get their company running. We assist our clients through all the stages to ensure successful outcomes and on-going progress.

Employment Law in Mauritius

It can be difficult for employers to navigate through the complex employment requirements and termination procedures incorporated under the law. KSN Associates covers all aspects of employment law, including both advisory and contentious issues, helping clients meeting their labour force goals. This includes providing them with constructive

comments during their hiring process and follow up with them by drafting tailor-made employment contracts, confidentiality agreement and non-competition agreements. We also negotiate with our clients’ employees on their behalf, handling disciplinary meetings.

Trademark Registration in Mauritius

We provide a range of services in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, mainly with regards to trademark registration and logo registration. Our selected and dedicated team will review the data you provide and advise you on the best

strategy to expand your chances of success in obtaining a trademark and securing your brand.  We strongly believe that trademarks form the most basic component of a company’s recognition and value.

Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies

Businesses around the globe value intellectual property and technology services. KSN understands that each client requires a unique attention and guidance in the creation and protection of their investment whether it is a company logo, computer software, and any other creations respectfully.

By identifying, protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights at each stage of the your innovation lifecycle, our qualified team provides strategic advice spanning all aspects of IP law.


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