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Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in our history. However, those yet who have not received the gift of being “connected” are deprived from the benefits of this new era and remain further behind. It’s now as important, and sometimes even more so, to have a successful online presence. A website, if properly created, maintained and supported, can be a means to accomplish numerous strategies and objectives, thus allowing a business to grow.

  • The benefits of having a website

We all know what websites are and basically what they consist of. But this set of algorithms and coding can be a game-changer for a business/company if developed properly. If your business does not have a website yet, then it is may not be performing at the fullest of its capabilities. Here are some benefits of having a website;

  • A 24/7 online presence

One basic benefit of having a website is that it allows customers and visitors to find your anywhere, at any time and any day, even outside of business hours. It offers the convenience to access needed information in the comfort of the house or anywhere else, with no added pressure to purchase anything.   

  • The flow of information

Information is communicated smoothly and quickly between buyers and sellers, through the means of a website. The following information can be readily available: opening hours, contact information, images of your location or products, contact forms for enquiries, etc,…

  • Cost-effective

Moreover, one large benefit of having a website is that it is much more affordable and less costly than other traditional advertising methods (newspapers, magazines, television,…). Businesses can target a relatively wide audience and stretch marketing objectives without requiring a high budget.

  • Factors of a successful website

To fully appreciate and benefit from the perks of a website, one has to consider some factors in regard to its design and development. Web design plays a vital part in doing business nowadays. The smallest mistake in the creation and development can cause a total flop and ruin the customers’ experiences, which can have costly consequences. From functionality and aesthetics to navigation and coding, a lot is required into the creation of an eye-catching, user-friendly website. Below are some features that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Handiness

One important feature of a website and during the web design process is to make the site user-friendly. Most customers or visitors are not necessarily coders or web professionals. Therefore, in the best way possible, it is recommended to simplify things for the users and visitors.

  • Website speed

Nowadays, with the hectic and stressful trend of life, people tend to go mad when things take too long to come to them. Website speed is therefore a crucial feature, which will determine if the visitors will remain on your page or not. A Web page taking more than 5 seconds to load may cause users to go mad, resulting in exiting the page and never return, causing losses of potential business opportunities.

  • Aesthetics and looks

The way the web page feels and looks is just as important as the whole functionality. The first impression the website will have on the visitor or customer, concerning what they will get from their visit, will determine if they are impressed and will stay or just leave.

A simple, sharp and decent approach is more likely to succeed than a too colourful scheme and a lot of images.

  • Content

Compelling and appealing content strikes a lot and captivates the attention of users as much as functionality and looks. Having a clear image of what you are proposing and selling will definitely be decisive in your favour. Content marketing here plays an important role and will contribute in successful advertising campaigns. They may come in the form of video content or written (articles for instance).

  • Contact info and facility

In important feature as well is the availability of getting in touch with you. Not being able to contact the company/business when they want to, can infuriate the users. Having the contact details and information is therefore indispensable to a website.

  • Cykra’s services – what are our offers?

Cykra Ltd was founded in 2014 as an offshore software development company specializing in app and website development. As there are varying degrees of quality involved when crafting an application or website, we are determined to deliver the best quality service without any exceptions. We produce websites, landing pages and full-fledged web-systems, and rest-assured that, once a project is undertaken by us, Cykra gets it completed. Depending on the size of the project, the company proposes a time frame of 2-3 weeks for the completion of the development process.

Cykra is not just involved in the website development; we wish to accompany and provide with durable and sustainable solutions for each client, based on their wants and needs, the end result being satisfied customers and long-lasting relationships. Clients’ projects are handled by skilled staff, trained and supervised by Danish senior developers, with a spotless end-product. If you have a project for your business and want it to go online, we would like to invite you to visit our website to have a better look and idea of what we propose. You will also get an overview of our portfolio with the different projects that Cykra has worked on.

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