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We are very excited to share KSN Associates’ new direction and vision with you all.

We have spent the last couple of months revamping our website and digital brand while dealing with the myriad of challenges and embracing the stress. If you have been building your website, while juggling with the day-to-day running of your company, being indecisive of the colour scheme, logos, going back and forth with the creation and finalization of the content, SEO, brand identity, among other constraints – you know what I am talking about. Yet, all this time spent on re-branding our direction and affirming our intention with a new look and feel has helped us grow as a team.

I would like to seize this opportunity, to dedicate this revamping launch in the memory of Permal Chengadu, my father who would be celebrating his birthday on this given date. He has been a very supportive and guiding figure, in his own way, always backing me up on projects I’ve set myself to accomplish over the years.

Now attending to everybody’s curiosity and enlightening, you, precious readers: “What is KSN Associates and what do we bring to the table?”

A multi service provider, consisting of a refined and harmonious team – carefully selected based on their expertise – acting as a helping hand in navigating the business waves of your entity; this is what KSN Associates is all about. The company has been built to develop long term collaborations right from the inception of our clients’ project(s). 

Setting up an enterprise or taking the initiative to extend a business (locally or internationally) may come along with major setbacks and challenges, surely not recommended for the fainted-hearted. Yet, imagine having one group taking care of your company and saving you the struggle to search individually for service providers dealing in and with:

  • Company incorporation and establishment;
  • Corporate structure planning and advice;
  • Corporate governance & compliances;
  • Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management;
  • Financial assistance in your budgeting and cashflow management,
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns, including annual income tax, Advance Payment System, VAT and TDS (where applicable);
  • Preparation of annual audited financial statements and filling;
  • The full spectrum of your digital visibility – web development, brand Identity, SEO, Content Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing etc;
  • Competitive sourcing proposals from Turkey principally;

As Brandon C. White said “If you’re not inherently good at a certain aspect of your business, don’t waste your time trying to fix it yourself – accept and acknowledge the help of someone who can.

I firmly believe that KSN Associates has the power to steer companies in the right direction over and above the hardwork that has already been pulled in and still needs to be implemented. As a whole, KSN Associates is here to allow you to focus on your strengths while allowing us to fill in for the weaknesses and turn them into successful opportunities; Our objective is to bring down as many barriers as possible and build as many bridges as needed for your company.

I personally like to describe KSN Associates as being a business “Intermediator”, introducing you to the best and relevant services providers on the market. I have witnessed, first-hand, companies with fascinating projects or products collapse, falling under the constant pressure, putting their trust in unqualified service providers or failing to properly navigate the business world as a whole. Imagine being introduced to the  best legal advisers and business strategists in town, a top brand ambassador and graphic design consultant, a perfectionist, yet patient web developer, a genuine and solution-driven accounting expert – all of them served at a single stop; with KSN Associates. A team of associates I have personally worked with over the last 8+ years – they have always done their best to deliver excellent results. 

We believe to have what it takes to help your company grow and go beyond wonders. Giving up is not and will never be an option for us; clients can remain confident that wherever they are and whatever the situation they may be facing, we will always answer to the call and bring the best solutions to them.

KSN Associates; it could be just what your business needs.

By Keseena Chengadu (Founder)

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